Verce and our mission

Verce is a collaboration platform for musicians, where connections turns in to great music. It’s a social platform arranged to let musicians find collaborators, services or projects to join. Musicians are joining from all around the world to network, collaborate and promote their music in a remote environement of fellow artists.

How does it work?

Musicians upload their projects and describe what qualities they are looking for in a collaboration, and wait to receive auditions from potential partners. With thousands of active projects and services in Verce, it lets musicians discover their favorite projects and apply for a collaboration with their own custom audition. It’s all up to the project owner to decide whether or not it’s a good fit for this particular collaboration. In addition to to projects, musicians can list their services as well. This means audio engineers can promote their mixing and mastering services, a producer can promote beats, and labels can discover new artists and promote management to mention a few possibilities.

"We will help musicians without a big network to find the resources they need, all in one place."

Verce has developed a variety of services like the main collaboration platform, but also TunepoolByVerce - social media shout outs, and the LinkpoolByVerce - smartlinks and bio link tool. Our goal is to streamline and connect these branches in to one great user experience, and create a product that make the lives of every musician easier than ever.

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