About Verce

Established in October 2018 as CLBZ, the app that brought Tinder style connections to musicians. Not a love app for musicians but an app where musicians swipes cards with project briefs and let artists connect to collaborate. Later renamed and rebranded to Verce, without changing the recipe for collabs. Over the last 1.5 year the app has grown and gained a great amount of musicians and industry people who are either working together or already released their work.

Our vision has since the start been to connect musicians, creatives and people in the music industry for easier and more effective collaborations. As well as letting artists share their knowledge, services and music with each other and creating a community of likeminded.

In 2020 we’ve launched Verce as a webapp where users can connect cross-platform from both their desktop browser (mobile and tablet as well) and the native mobile app for iOS and Android. We believe this helps a lot of musicians to expand their network, develop their skills and generally grow in the world of music.

Verce is developed by two norwegian guys, Marius Ylven Westgaard (developer and music producer) and his older brother Kristoffer Ylven Westgaard (UX designer and cyclist). We use most of our time to develop Verce into a more effective social medium for artists, besides making music and riding mountain bikes.

We have huge plans for the future, but it’s yet to be announced. So, in the meantime, we hope you think Verce is an interesting tool, and you are ready to give it a try - we are sure you will make some great connections and musical friendships.

All the best, Kristoffer & Marius